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Employment law: flexible working and creation of pt role- advice please!

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smellimelli Fri 14-Oct-11 18:22:25

I had my flexible work request turned down. The reason was that it would lead to a fall in quality/standards. I am a teacher and it was said that I would have to share some classes with someone else if I were pt and this would be a bad thing (even though I was already doing this in some cases before mat leave).

I am away on maternity leave and have just found out that a pt role in my dept has been created for my maternity cover. This means I will be sharing classes with her and she will be sharing other classes with other teachers.

Is there anything I can do about this or should I wait until I apply for flexible working again (after the 12 months) and use it as evidence to support my request?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Poeteats4gals Sat 15-Oct-11 00:47:33

*Do you have a contract? If not why did the school not provide one.
* Law centres are free for advice.
* Citizens Advice ...good but so booked up
* Go to county or Director Of Education for advice trumping up the merits of your case.
* Are you in a Union? If not join one as they do not do retrospective employment issues.
* ACAS (see on line are fab on quick, free, legal and up to minuet employment phone advice)
*Have you thought of appealing to the Board of Governors to over turn the decision or re-think your Head's position on this?
* Point out it is in th ekids(you teach) best interest to have you fresh not fading. They'd rather have you part-time then not at all(if they have a relationship with you...surely?
* Heads can be a bit off to part timers as teachers.Be up for what is best for you and keep at it. Show the school you are up for a fight and they may back it's hassle for them.
* Two fresh well communicating part-time teachers work so well for kids to have a mix ... Teachers are far happier as they get work/home life balance right. Kids enjoy the balance of two.
*It's a win win yet Head's don't like em?Kids do and they dont have an overstretched teacher.

Good luck. I think it'd be much more family centered if the job share were a more on offer like maternity leave is... Keep at it with great hope and put up a prayer/lit candle with it and visualise yourself part time!

Wishing you lots of energy to keep knocking on doors with the merits of this for you , your needs and for the kids you'd be teaching..Parents evening would be fun too with two perspectives!!
Is it a subtle form of employment bullying, when so many teachers are dying for a part-time job?

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