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TV Licence

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forlorne Thu 13-Oct-11 15:17:39

>I want to get the views of Mumsnet subscribers about the non payment ofTV Licence fee, for oversight reasons I appear not to have paid my licence for 30 years or more. I changed my bank account last month after 58 years and advised the TV Licensing authority.
I have banked online for many ears. They have asked me to find all my bank statements and prove to them when I last paid. I have no statements of previous years since my old bank has closed my account. I have now taken a new TV Licence out but I am 75 next year and the irony is that I will
not have to buy a licence thereafter, but I am worried. Believe it or not I had no intention of breaking the law. What can I do?

Collaborate Thu 13-Oct-11 23:20:04

Just ignore them. they'd have to prove you had a tv anyway.

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