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Any idea how much it will cost to have our Will made out and legal pls.

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Timetochange70 Thu 13-Oct-11 13:22:12

Ok we fairly skint at the mo. but need to address a few grown up issues.
namely that if either of us die there will be quite a lot of money in the pot, but we have 4 children=19 16 8 and 1 !!
We are not close to my parents - in fact the thought of them attempting to mess up my own children like they almost did me is too terrible !
Dh parents are approaching 90 .
i have 1 brother who has no children and makes it quite clear he doesnt want any including mine .
DH has a brother who abandoned his own children and a sister who cant manage the 2 she has.
So WHo do we make legal guardians should the worst happen.
Our best friends who have agreed and i know would involve most decisions with elder 2 siblings-my babies are spread out in age but unbelievably close.

Anyway while i`m thinking of all that apart from the fact that best friend lives in a differrent county ! how much would a proper Will cost roughly ??
What a horrible thought but we must arrange something !

DrSeuss Thu 13-Oct-11 16:21:19

Check out various charities. For a donation in your will they will often help you write it.

mumblechum1 Thu 13-Oct-11 16:34:54

Time to Change, if you are happy to appoint your best friends and they're happy to accept the appointment, then it will be very straightforward to include that in your will.

I'm a lawyer with over 20 yrs experience in High Street practice and now run my own Will Writing firm.

I'd suggest that the Guardianship appointment covers your younger three, as obviously your 16 year old is still a minor, but you could then go on to express the wish that they consult with your 19 year old (and, from their 18th birthday, the 16 yr old) on major decisions regarding the younger two's care.

I'd also suggest that you have a clause in the Will allowing the Guardians access to the trust fund to cover the children's expenses, but that would have to be with the Trustees' consent. The Trustees are the people whom you would appoint as Executors, who normally also take on the job of looking after the trust fund if any of the children are under 18 or 21 at your death.

Obviously the Execs/Trustees should be entirely separate and independent from the Guardians.

Cost wise, I charge £85 for a single, £140 for a couple. I have a paid for advert on the Small Business section of Classifieds ("5* Will Writing Service recommended by Mumsnetters") if you're interested.

You will pay more at a High Street solicitors'. I still practice part time in a High Street firm and charge £205 for a single, £288 for a couple in that practice.

JamieOliveOil Sat 15-Oct-11 06:56:32

My DH charges £ 60 plus VAT for each Will - North West area

notevenamOoOooOoooosie Sat 15-Oct-11 07:08:40

This last week a lot of places have been doing it for free for a £50 donation to 'help the hospices' but there always seems to be a charity of the week/ month.

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