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Question about cr*ppy sofa and whether its worth pursuing

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lynniep Mon 10-Oct-11 12:21:58

I dont know the exact dates of stuff, but to cut a long story short, we bought a (100% leather) Scala sofa set (2+3 seater) from furniture village in 2006 - probably around July - I'm pretty positive we're just out of the 5 year warranty.

Anyway, they started peeling pretty much straight away. We werent all that bothered until it started to look atrocious, at which point I contacted FV (this was maybe 18 months ago - my memory is bad - could be a bit more or a bit less - point is we were within warranty)

They were v. nice, and agreed to send out someone to reupholster the bad bits. Which he did. End of?

Not quite

The new coverings are peeling as well. To be honest I hate the thing, its uncomfortable and feels nasty (what were we THINKING when we bought it?!) and we're only keeping it because we have two little ones who batter it so I'm happy to cover it up until we think about a new one somewhere down the line.

However I just found a thread on the moneyexpert site about this very matter. Apparrently it isnt 100% leather, its 'bicast leather' - prone to peelage apparently. Therefore misold. They must have recovered it in the same cr*ppy stuff.

Until reading this I was going to leave it. Now I'm wondering if its worth pursuing. The problem is, as i've said, we already accepted their offer of re-upholstering and I'm assuming because of this, we have negated any leg we had to stand on regarding the fact that its not real leather. Did they fulfil any obligations by doing that reupholster? Or do we still have a case because we were misled in the first place? And because the reupholster fabric is still cr*p and presumably still not real leather?

I'm not really sure where we stand, legally. Can anyone advise?

VivaLeBeaver Mon 10-Oct-11 12:25:44

I think you'd have a case. With reasonable use you'd expect a sofa to last more than five or six years. You had a problem within the warranty and thought it had been resolved but now you know it hasn't. This new information has made you realise why, that the sofa isn't as described. Contact trading standards and ask for advice.

lynniep Mon 10-Oct-11 12:39:11

cheers VLB

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