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Need help renting a property please!!

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soverign21 Sun 09-Oct-11 10:57:40

i have found a property to rent through an estate agents
I was told I needed to pay 1 months rent in advance and 1 months deposit in total £2200. I then signed a blank contract and was told the landlord would sign his part within a few days and once he had cleared some excess stuff from the property that I would get the keys, that was on the Saturday.
On the Tuesday the estate agent called me and said the landlord required 2 months rent in advance as I'm housing benefit and it can take upto 8 weeks to process a claim..... Fair enough but because of that I couldn't borrow the remaining £1100 till 18th of this month, I was told the contract would begin then and I would receive the keys
Called into the estate agents yesterday and asked if that meant my next payment of rent would be 18th December and he said no 18th novemeber and that it would mean I'd get a free month so to speak when I decide to move out. He then starts talking about the landlord spending a lot of money to do the property up and him being covered if there's any damage when I move out.

Where do I stand on this?? Can he ask for 2 months rent in advance but expect the rent to be paid in 1 months time? Can he ask for 2 months deposit? Am I legally bound to this contract now even thought the landlord hadn't signed it and I have no keys??

Please help am not sure what the hells going on


Gonzo33 Sun 09-Oct-11 14:06:17

As far as I am aware it is normal for a tenant to pay one months rent in advance and another payment for security tantamount to one months rent. This is then put in a tenant deposit scheme which holds the payment securely and arbitrates if there are any issues with the property at the end of the tenancy.

InventoryClerk Tue 11-Oct-11 20:31:03

Yes, the Landlord can ask for rent in advance or even the rent to be paid in full for the whole term of the tenancy. He also can ask for 2-3 months (rent as) deposit.

If you are not happy with the new conditions then the question is - have paid any money to the Agent/the Landlord?

If you have put a holding deposit and you pull out now you will loose it.

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