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Is this the end?

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FairCopGuv Sat 01-Oct-11 16:53:32

<cross posts in AIBU>

Name changing for obvious reasons..

I received a police caution for drugs a few years ago and haven't been able to get a job since then. My degree is very social-science related and I've been trying to break into the field with very little success as no-one will hire me, and nor can I gain volunteer experience because it comes up on my CRB check.

I always give full disclosure at the interviews, and the employers are always very understanding and positive, whilst viewing the CRB as a formality but then usually refuse me the job based on "company policy". The law states that I shouldn't have such a problem in obtaining a position in my field, given the length of time since the caution and my extremely good character prior and after the arrest. And yet I do. I cannot develop my career path in any way apart from (it seems) in retail. I cannot teach or even train further due to the police checks and being turned away.

I really am at the end of my tether on this one. Am I being unreasonable in tihnking that this shouldn't be so hard, that "offenders" should be given the chance to rehabilitate into working life? How would you feel working with a colleague who had a caution? Would you feel safe? Or am I being very unreasonable?

I need some straight talking before I start hitting the bottle very hard.

vj32 Sat 01-Oct-11 18:04:33

What field are you trying to break into? Social work?

SageMist Sun 02-Oct-11 09:30:27

In the current climate many people who do not have cautions, including myself, are finding it exceedingly difficult to get a job.

You will have to accept that it is going to be worse for you, not just because of your caution, but also because you have not had a job since the caution.

I think it would be more sensible for you to aim at volunteer work and jobs that don't require CRB checks. Another option would be for you to start your own business in an area that your caution will not be problematic.

I know that proably isn't what you want to hear, but no-one actually owes you (or me) a job, it just isn't their problem, its ours.

deeplydepressed Sun 02-Oct-11 11:59:15

Have you checked with the people who didnt employ you whether the CRB dosclosure was really the reason for now employing you. They should speak to you about this and be frank with you. If it was not the reason, then look to other areas to improve your CV even if it is voluntary work.

It does seem unfair as it was only a caution, and I bet most members of your profession (and mine) have had the odd spliff in their past, the difference being they were not caught.

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