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Interview under cauition, im so scared help

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pollycat12 Sun 25-Sep-11 14:11:01

Hi, I'm just looking for some advice please,

Basically I have recived a letter from my local council in regards to my housing benefit. I need to attend an interview because I didnt declare my earnings.

It sounds bad, I was/am doing NVQ work placement my boss asked if I could cover a few hours work like 1-4 hours a day I said yes.

Soometimes I'd work and hour or two a day sometimes 10 hours per week.

It didnt cross my mind to declare it as it was such limited work, sometimes I'd earn £10 per month some times £160 and of course sometimes I'd do months with nothing.

Anyway I got this letter which says Ive worked from 1/10/10 which is not true I have worked from 4/4/11 my over payment is £221 so I rang them (the council) and they said they will arrange a repayment of £10.20 per week but will still need to attend this interview.

Iam so frightend I havent actually eaten properly since friday and fall asleep only through exhauton.

What makes this situation worse is that I never told my husband I was earning as he would want to keep my money, I used the money to buy things for my son treats for his birthday etc

He also recived a letter which came together with mine, it asks for him to attend an interview 1 hour before mine. I cant tell him he will go mad, not just a row and a few days silent treatment, he's likely to get aggressive. He doesnt know I earned this money so is likely to go crazy, I just feel like I dont want to be around anymore, I think I have seriously hit rock bottom I panic constantly and feel as though I cant cope.

It says on the letters neither of us have to attend but how on earth can I explain to an interigating, bullying oficer I'm scared of what my husband might do to me if he finds out?

Please help sad

margerykemp Sun 25-Sep-11 14:26:47

2 issues here

1) go to CAB/shelter re: HB overpayment, you need some advice/representation

2) it sounds as if your domestic situation is abusive, have you ever looked up 'financial abuse'? You sound scared. Please dont live like this. Call Womens Aid for support.

pollycat12 Sun 25-Sep-11 15:00:50

Hi thanks for your reply, I'm going to ring CAB on tuesday as I have to go into my work placement on monday which is going to be hard feeling the way I do.

I will google financial abuse and find out more.

He is usually ok but when faced with situations like this he becomes aggressive towards me and I am scared, I dont know how much longer I can hide it from him. We had rent arrears once which resulted in a housing benefit change, we wernt aware of this change so when the letting agents rang up demanding over £600 he went mad at me saying how I had been incompitant and I had time to sort it and now had caused him trouble a whole load of physical and mental abuse followed and I do not wish to go back there, thats why I'm desperatly hiding this from him.

Will I have to pay for represntation? will it be a solicitor? If I knew this money should have had to be claimed I would have done so just to avoid the hassle with y husband, I feel so niave and stupid.

gingeroots Tue 27-Sep-11 11:41:40

Hoping you're okay and that you've managed to get an appointment at CAB and that they can help you .
Please get advice ,you need some support .

MrsBlarney Wed 28-Sep-11 07:18:17

If you don't have to attend, I'd suggest you go but don't tell your husband about it. You can explain at the interview that he doesn't know because you are afraid of him.

Womens aid are very good, they have a website and can talk to you about all of this - also an advice line but I can't remember the number, it's on the website.

I don't know if your husband checks your internet use but they can help you with clearing your history as well.

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