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Lying to CSA

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LunarRose Thu 22-Sep-11 17:54:38

Ok, So in 2009 exH claimed to the CSA he wasn't working and living off family. I was telling the CSA he was working and that friends had seen him commuting but I didn't know where.

Have since found evidence (online CV) of an employer that looks like it fills he period. Can CSA go back and reassess? Has anyone successfully done this?


Collaborate Thu 22-Sep-11 23:58:08

Don't know. Give it a go. Think it's an offence to lie to the CSA.

ElsieMc Fri 23-Sep-11 12:25:29

I had all of this but the line I received from the CSA is that they are not an investigative agency. They follow what their rules and regs tell them too as it does make life easier for them.

What they can do is write to the mystery employer (if they are prepared to do so) and ask them to confirm if they employed him during this period of time. However, some employers do pay cash in hand for weekend working etc and they may issue a denial. The CSA's line is that they always believe the employer.

The CSA then just tell you to go to the Inland Revenue if it has been a cash in hand job. Do give it a try though.

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