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What happens at an Allocation Hearing?

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confuzzlement Tue 20-Sep-11 22:10:15

As above really? I don't know what to expect. Any experience, advice will be greatly appreciated smile

YesMaam Fri 23-Sep-11 19:49:15

If it is what I think it is (a civil claim of some sort) then an allocation hearing is usually where the court decides which "track" to allocate the claim to. There are three tracks:
small claims for simple and £ limited claims
fast track, where the issues are fairly simple and the final trial will last no more than one day
multi-track for everything else.

There are restrictions on cost recovery in fast and small claim tracks (certain fees/payments are fixed and you cannot claim above this even if you have spent more and won your case).

The court will probably also give directions in the claim - disclosure of documents, witness statements, experts reports, listing for trial.

You need to know what your claim is worth, if it is a claim in damages, how many witnesses you will have, whether there are any experts, and how long you think the case will last. any more than 4 witnesses usually means a multi-day trial and hence multi-track allocation.

If you google "cpr allocation to track" you will find the civil procedure rules (CPR) on allocation


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