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two things, CSA and applying for PR

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OnlyWantsOne Tue 20-Sep-11 12:53:04

Firstly, DP and I now have dd2, and we both would like DP to have PR for DD1 -
I have a resindence order and a contact order by consent with Ex to see DD1.
I have a feeling he would reject it, we're not on the best of terms.
How do I go about doing this? DP and I plan to get married - and I would like to think if some thing happened to DD1, that DP would be able to look after her.

Secondly, Ive had £30 from him since Feb - CSA say he sould be giving me £40 a week. Nothing is very forthcoming and due to CSA sitting on some paper work since last September and X being a twat obstructive and changing jobs/ going self employed, there wont be any £ from him any time soon. They have to reaases the paper work from old employer before they can asses him as self employed. Im just exhausted with it.

cestlavielife Tue 20-Sep-11 14:37:00

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