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Care Home choking incident

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ElsieMc Mon 19-Sep-11 15:02:51

DM has severe dementia but has been denied continuing care funding through the NHS and a meeting took place recently. I feel the care home is overly optimistic regarding her nursing care and I raised serious concerns about feeding and choking (she has dysphagia which requires extra care). I was worried they were letting DM eat bread, rather than pureed food. I also raised fears regarding mobility. I felt patronised and that my views did not count.

I felt DM met the criteria for funding, they agreed but told me it was "complicated", meaning they felt they could manage by DM which would exclude her from qualification.

Two weeks on, I receive a phone call from the home at 7.30 pm on a Wednesday. They tell me my mum is now code c, meaning she has weeks to live and is seriously ill. I visit each week and asked when this happened - she told me on Monday. I asked why she had not called me immediately and she stated she had two others dying on the ward and she did not want to spend her time on phone calls!

She then disclosed DM has had a serious choking incident which appears to have brought about her current illness. I asked for an incident report or explanation. They were meant to call me last week but have failed to do so.

The care staff at the home are lovely, and it is clean and upmarket. The problem seems to be management attitudes. I just want to know what's happened - no witch hunts. I think they are worried I warned them and the worst has now happened.

Is there anyone who has experience of this sort of thing - I mean will I actually have to consult a solicitor to write to even find out what has happened?

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