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Consumer Type Query - very long

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PeneloPeePitstop Fri 16-Sep-11 19:50:19

Mid May I purchased a Canon printer from Very (formerly additions direct).
On the 12th August the printer failed, it had had very little use in the three months I owned it, in fact it still had the sample ink cartridges in situ (they don't have as much ink as the standard ones, and had not run out). The error code it was displaying I checked out with Canon direct, I was advised it was a serious fault that necessitates a full rebuild of the unit.

I immediately contacted Customer Services at Very, they said they couldn't put me through directly to the Electricals team, I'd be put on a call back and that could take up to a week to respond. I made it clear that I urgently needed use of my printer back, that I was going away four days later and needed a call back before then, that way it could be in for repair whilst I was away perhaps.

It got to the day I was going away (family holiday, 10 days) and I called again. I was told again they couldn't transfer me directly and I'd have to wait for a call back. This was left on my voicemail whilst I was away, the phone number they left me to contact them was very mumbled and indistinct so I had to call Customer Services back. For the third time I was told they couldn't transfer me direct.

Eventually I got a clearer message on my voicemail and managed to phone the electricals team. They told me to contact the manufacturer (I had already done this). They then said that THEY had to contact the manufacturer to find out if the fault was "really that bad" but that as it was the weekend I had to call Very back on the Monday and then they'd call Canon for me. (I was a bit wtf at this point).

Monday came and went, phoned Very, they phoned Canon who confirmed it was a serious fault that would require a rebuid. Very then said that as I had owned the printer for more than 28 days they would not replace it and that I had to get it repaired, forwarding it to Canon's repairing agents AT MY OWN EXPENSE. At this point I called Consumer Direct who confirmed that I didn't have to pay to get it to the repairer and helped me compose a letter stating that under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 the printer was not of satisfactory quality and therefore I required a replacement. They sent back a shirty email saying that actually under the sale of goods act they were allowed to offer repair, but not detailing how that was to happen.

I have emailed them three times this week asking them to arrange collection and courier to Canon's repairers. They have ignored these emails other than automated responses promising a reply within 24 hours. So tonight I got on Twitter and tweeted using very's account @verynetwork. Very hq got onto me asking for details and so I gave them my reference number and an outline of the situation.

I've just had an email back, and guess what? They want to talk to Canon to verify that the fault is serious yada yada, I emailed back to say if they spoke to their own electricals team that has already been done but got this response

"In order for us to help with you with your query we would need to speak with canon over what has been done to item so far. As I have advised you they are now closed until Monday they closed at 17:00pm this evening and will not re-order until Monday at 9am. Once we have this information we will get back in touch with yourself in regards to our decision.

Unfortunately as the manufacturer is closed we are unable to carry our this investigation over the fault of your item and will need some time to follow our process."


I just feel like I'm going round and round in circles. I will be back onto Consumer Direct on Monday morning, but is there anything I can be doing/composing over the weekend?

This is so frustrating, I have so much I need to scan, print, photocopy at the moment and I can't do any of it!

prh47bridge Fri 16-Sep-11 20:42:20

Very are right that, under the Sale of Goods Act, they can normally decide whether to repair or replace. However, whichever they do they must do it within a reasonable amount of time and without causing you significant inconvenience. Based on the information you have posted I would say they are in danger of breaching this requirement if they haven't already done so. If they fail to make the repair within a reasonable amount of time you can either claim some of your money back or return the printer and get all your money back less an amount for the usage you have had.

PeneloPeePitstop Fri 16-Sep-11 21:31:42

Thank you for your input.
Nothing doing til Monday then, this is so frustrating!

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