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My neighbour threatened to kill my dog

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ClevelandAnnie Thu 15-Sep-11 09:45:53

I hope some of you legal people will be able to answer my questions. There is a whole long history, this is just the latest incident.

Neighbour lives next door to me. We each have a ground floor flat, each flat has its own area of garden nearest to its door and there is a communal garden at the back shared by all the flats. Yesterday afternoon I was outside doing some gardening. Dog was out there with me, on a long lead tied to a stake. Neighbour's son opened their door and my dog barked (once) at him. The boy shouted at my dog. I was standing by my doorway and called the dog to me. Neighbour then says to his son, very loudly so that I can hear - Next time go out there and batter the dog to death. I will go out there and kill the f***ing thing with you.

Is threatening to kill an animal a crime? Obviously the neighbour was saying this to intimidate me. There have been several previous incidents where he behaved aggressively, shouting and swearing at me. Would several of these incidents over the course of a year constitute harassment of me? He has never made a specific threat of violence against me, only against the dog. If I reported all of this to the police, what would they be likely to do?

Thanks for your help

mumblechum1 Thu 15-Sep-11 15:51:42

Does your dog bark a lot? Have environmental health or the dog warden ever complained about it?

Often people with barking dogs have no idea how annoying it is for their neighbours.

Sadly I think it's not uncommon for people to be so annoyed by dogs disturbing their peace that they feel extremely angry and may threaten them, but no, threatening to harm your dog is not, imo, a crime.

10poundstogo Thu 15-Sep-11 21:40:55

They might just note it down. If they are any good they might send a pcso round to have a ord. You could ring your council asb team and talk it thru. If yowu areplanning on selling the flat do remember that you'll need to devlare any disputes.

Quintessentialist Thu 15-Sep-11 21:45:34

Why have you not trained your dog to not bark at people?

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