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Is there any legal power to remove malicious blog comments...

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vexacious Mon 05-Sep-11 08:36:29

Name changed for this...
A long story but basically a series of local politicians have either had to resign or been charged with various child porn offenses. There is a well known and popular blog concerning local politics which allows anyone to freely comment on the bloggers posts, some of which have been about these unpleasant issues. Somebody has posted a comment saying that there are "rumours" that there is a paedophile network at my DC's school and a former council employee was forced to resign with a large payoff when she had suspicions (though I believe she was asked to leave because of bullying); I think this is entirely malicious as I used to work there myself, know people who still do and have heard nothing. However some local politicians dislike the school and it's head teacher. I feel this is doing a lot of damage to the school and have let them know. I have contacted the blogger myself as a parent to ask her to remove the comment but have received no response. Is there anything that can be done? The blog looks like it is hosted in the USA though we are in the UK.

prh47bridge Mon 05-Sep-11 11:09:07

If you are just a parent you are unlikely to have any legal standing to have blog comments removed. However, if the comment is potentially libellous anyone who may be libelled by it may be able to insist on its removal.

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