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Advice needed re service agreement for washing machine

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drcrab Wed 24-Aug-11 22:57:00

I'd really appreciate some advice if possible. Many thanks in advance.

We bought a washing machine 8 years ago and took out a service agreement (i know I know!!). And for reasons I could never understand DH never got round to cancelling it (well I know why but that's a different thread!). It's broken down on average 1x a year and everytime we ring indesit they send a guy out to sort it. It almost never gets repaired in one go. Anyway it's happened again and this time its been over 2 weeks. They say that 2 of the 3 parts have arrived and they're waiting for the third.

According to the service agreement they say they'll try and get it repaired in 6 weeks ??!! Of course we've been bothering friends with loads of washing. sad

Do I have any right to ring and tell them off (since it's broken every year...) or should I just cave and buy a new machine off my own back? If I do the latter what do I do if they come back with the parts? I have no space to store 2 machines! Can I sell the new motor that they left behind on eBay to raise funds for a new machine?? :D

drcrab Wed 24-Aug-11 22:58:49

My aim in telling them off is of course in the hope that they'll see that 6 weeks is unreasonable, that it's broken every year anyway therefore it was a dud. And hopefully offer to replace it???

Collaborate Thu 25-Aug-11 07:28:11

You can try, but they are within their rights to refuse. Time to bite the bullet I think.

drcrab Thu 25-Aug-11 08:59:19

I tried. and no, they're saying that there's still 4 weeks for them to get the damn machine repaired. I spoke to a really nice person at the repair call centre this morning. hopefully they'll get back to me re when the spare part will arrive. That will help me decide whether to go w/m shopping this weekend! I've suggested to DH we could sell the 'reconditioned' machine at gumtree when it IS repaired!

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