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Car accident advice

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boringnamechange Wed 24-Aug-11 20:09:37

Started a thread in chat but didnt know there was a legal board.

here is the link chat

Any advice would be great.

sneezecakesmum Wed 24-Aug-11 20:45:19

I think the advice you got on chat is pretty sound, the insurance companies will have to slug it out. In any accident the first thing to do is get witnesses, after checking you're still in one piece! People usually stop and gawp at accidents and the two drivers in front I am sure would have supported you, but its always the last thing you think of when you are rammed by someone. She obviously wasn't drink driving otherwise the police would be charging her and your case would be a foregone conclusion. I take it there were no CCTV around? Police usually check this anyway so I guess not sad

Have a hot bath and painkillers tonight, I can guarantee you will be in agony tomorrow when all that jarring seizes you up. (used to work in A&E!) I would also attend your GP tomorrow if you have pain as your pain and suffering should be paid for by her insurance if they find her culpable.

boringnamechange Wed 24-Aug-11 20:52:54

Thanks for your message - don't think there is any CCTV will remember and ask tho. The two cars in front drove off and no one stopped sad no one at all to say one way or another.
Her mot was invalid by 5 days but officer said she wasnt booking her for it. She did say last night she was charging her with a traffic offence which I thought just meant it was a done deal but obviously not sad

Would love a bath but bloody light not working and no candles. Will have to make do with a hot water bottle and large wine.

Feel like never driving again sad

beck79 Thu 25-Aug-11 10:14:00

I'm sorry to hear you have been involved in an accident. I've been through it myself and understand it is a very upsetting event. The more information you can obtain and provide to your insurers and solicitors the better.
Witness details, google street maps, google ariel views.
Your solicitors will submit a claim to her insurers via a Government Portal and fingers crossed should get a response quite soon.
If you don't have her registration number, your solicitors should write to the police for her name, address, registration number and insurance details so they can direct your claim for you. Your solicitors will also be able to find out if she is prosecuted for any offence.
If you have suffered an injury you are more than entitled to claim for that. Your insurers will deal with your vehicle damage and if you instruct PI solicitors they will deal with your personal injury side of things including your out of pocket expenses.
I deal with this every day so am happy to post any other info you need.

sneezecakesmum Thu 25-Aug-11 13:06:49

Hopefully if the police are prosecuting her for a traffic offence it will be driving without due care and attention, I feel sure that will go in your favour when they are deciding liability. If you paid extra on your insurance to get legal cover, you will not need a personal injury insurer as a seperate issue, it should be covered. Hope you are not too sore this morning.

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