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Tesco/amazon kindle issues

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littlebrownmouse Wed 24-Aug-11 11:07:20

In May I was bought an amazon kindle for my birthday. At the same time, my mum bought me an expensive leather case with a light. Both were bought from tesco. After a few months, my kindle had a fault with the screen, DH had bought it on his debit card and so he took it back. They refused to change it saying he would have to go through amazon. He rang amazon from the store and they wouldn't change it as the account on the kindle was in my name. He had to contact amazon from the store on his mobile, was redirected to an Indian call centre and managed to change the account. Amazon were then able to send me a new kindle. Can anyone explain why, when the sale of goods act clearly states that the contract is with the shop and not the manufacturer, could tesco not change it? He had a reciept by the way.
My mum bought my case with cash and probably hasn't got a reciept. The light on it has stopped working and tesco won't change it due to me not having a reciept. The sale of goods act says that if goods are not fit for purpose, a reciept isn't necessary although in some circumstances some sort of proof of purchase may be asked for, this could include a cheque stub. Do you think tesco are being fair? I could take in a cheque stub that I've written a date, an amount and 'kindle case' on, I have blank cheque stubs. This would be totally dishonest, but I feel as though I'm being treated as if I was a liar anyway as they clearly don't believe I bought it from them. Opinions please! I'll put this in AIBU too.

littlebrownmouse Wed 24-Aug-11 11:09:11

Indian call centre is relevant by the way as it took ages, was tricky to get the man to understand and the call cost a fortune.

LIZS Wed 24-Aug-11 11:12:56

Can't think why Tesco couldn't have dealt with it themselevs other than presumably there was a data issue for which your contract was with Amazon. As far as the case is concerned Tesco's contract is with your mum not you. You/she have no proof whether to was bought 3 months ago or over a year ago. I don't think a cheque stub in itself counts as proof of purchase - a statement showing the corresponding transaction would.

Honeydragon Wed 24-Aug-11 11:13:48

Call Amazon about the case I have had fabulous customer service from them with mine, despite it being it gift and not having the receipt they changed it no questions asked. When the one arrived and I realised that the old one had damaged my kindle (a fault in the screen/case disappeared when new case fitted indicating the crack was caused by the faulty cover, they insisted on replacing that too.

Then call Teco, and ask them why they are selling Kindle if they cannot provide adaquate customer service for the product.

littlebrownmouse Wed 24-Aug-11 11:29:25

According to sale of goods act, a cheque stub would. I think this is ridiculous as anyone could find a blank cheque stub in cheque book and take it in, I wouldn't do it by the way!!

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