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Concerned about Exh possibly not returning ds

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Gonzo33 Sun 14-Aug-11 10:00:41

I have posted on here before ds went back to see his father in UK (we are based overseas atm due to dh job).

Anyway, DS has been with his father since last Sunday afternoon. I spoke with him on Monday as he sent me a message asking me to call him to see if he could buy something.

Since then I have let them get on with it because he only see's his father once a year roughly (his fathers choice) and I don't want to interfere too much.

Anyway, thought I'd call yesterday as I thought once a week would be alright. Called his fathers home and got told (exh gf) that ds was still in bed as they had had some late nights due to going on days out etc. No worries, I said I'd try later. Two hours later, no answer. Tried ds's mobile, no answer, tried exh's mobile, no answer. Then I tried exh's parents house and his Dad answered and said that he thought that exh had taken him fishing and that ds was a joy to have to stay last night at their home hmm

Now I start getting worried because exh gf obviously lied.

Anyway, let it go because I thought I'd bring it up after exh takes ds back to my parents house at the end of contact. However, tried again this morning. All four numbers and there is no answer on any of them.

DS is not due back to my parents for another week. I am really stressing though. Due to Contact Order do I have to wait a week before contacting my Solicitor, and/or the Police. I am really really worried that he is going to not return him.

I should add that my exh does not have ds Passport, so unless he has applied for a Passport and had ds cancelled (unlikely) he won't be able to abscond out of the country, he would just refuse to give him back iyswim.

Also, if he doesn't bring him back and I have to go via the courts what can I do to stop this happening in future? We are only going to be overseas for another year or so, can I insist that ds is available for contact but that it has to be in the country we reside in?

STIDW Sun 14-Aug-11 14:36:29

I wouldn't panic yet, perhaps they have gone away for a few days and for their own reasons decided to keep it secret from you. If you phone the police they may be able to locate your son and check everything is alright.

clam Sun 14-Aug-11 14:50:13

If you're overseas and your DS is with his father in the UK, then surely he must have his passport with him???

Gonzo33 Sun 14-Aug-11 14:52:30

No Clam my Dad picked DS up from the airport and retained my DS Passport to stop him taking him abroad.

Gonzo33 Sun 14-Aug-11 14:58:21

STIDW You may be right about the going away and keeping it a secret, but seeing as I am not in the country I don't see what they have to keep secret. Exh knows I don't mind ds going away with him in UK, I just like to know that I can speak with him occasionally. I try not to call because I know ds's time with his father is precious. I really am trying hard not to stress, but it is difficult being so far away.

Gonzo33 Mon 15-Aug-11 15:09:29

Finally got hold of DS on his Dad's landline. So relieved. Now I wish I didn't panic!

STIDW Mon 15-Aug-11 15:31:39

That's good news. The mind can play some rotten tricks at times.

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