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Changing your child's surname to the father's surname after OUR marriage.

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naught Fri 05-Aug-11 18:37:09


Dp and I have been together forever. We fell out the day we went to register dd, so I gave her my surname, rightly or wrongly, I wish I hadn't its been a pain.
DD is 16. We now want to get married (because dp is a nob, and hasn't wanted to before). DD has actually always been known by dp's surname (school and doctors), just legally she has always had mine (birth certificate, passport, bank etc.)

So my question is. I know that If the parents of the child married after the birth registration the birth should be re-registered to show the child as a child of the parent's marriage. The child's surname can be altered at the same time, to that of the father. The mother's name can also be changed on the birth certificate if she altered her surname upon marriage. If the child's parents double-barrelled their surnames, or combined them in some way when they got married, this name can be entered on the birth certificate for the child. In order for this to happen both parents should agree to any changes.

BUT would we still be able to do this as dd is 16, or should we just change dd's name by deed poll.
(btw, I took the above from

Thank you very much.

Collaborate Fri 05-Aug-11 20:51:20

I think so. Think you have to be 18 to change your own name.

naught Sat 06-Aug-11 22:35:36

Thank you Collaborate smile I think I might trying ringing the registry office on Monday as well.

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