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What's likely to happen to him?

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CalamityKate Tue 02-Aug-11 12:11:22

My friend's son.

Has history of nicking her car and joyriding in it hmm.

Has had enough lessons to be able to drive, but hasn't passed a test yet.

18 years old.

Predictably, he got caught by the Police in the early hours of Friday morning:

Nearly twice over the limit.
No licence (so no insurance etc)

Is he likely to get fined, or community service, or might he get a custodial sentence, or what?

He reckons he'll just get points on his licence - what's the point of that, he hasn't got a licence yet!!

CalamityKate Tue 02-Aug-11 12:20:00

Oh and to clarify, when I say "nearly twice over the limit" I mean the alcohol limit.

nocake Tue 02-Aug-11 12:34:53

He does have a licence, albeit a provisional one, and anything more than 45% over the speed limit puts him at risk of an instant ban and a fine.

Driving without insurance is points plus a fine (normally 6-8 points). The same for driving on a provisional licence while not accompanied.

Being over the limit is the serious one for him. He will be disqualified and could get a fine and/or a custodial sentence.

ShowOfHands Tue 02-Aug-11 12:51:36

It depends on a lot of factors. He's 18 so will be tried as an adult. It's not just points on his licence at this point though. Hefty fine likely, custodial sentence not likely per se but is possible and can depend on the judge he gets. The TWOC thing I think is also dependent a little bit on whether the victim has made a complaint. The drink driving will be taken very seriously. They can give him a lifetime ban so that he will NEVER get a licence and a judge that really wanted to make an example of him could give him a custodial sentence. If he's been caught doing this before that's also relevant.

CMOTdibbler Tue 02-Aug-11 12:52:45

And driving without insurance will put him on the blacklist, so getting insurance in the future will be nigh on impossible. But it will be a v long time before he would be allowed to drive anyway

TheMitfordsMaid Tue 02-Aug-11 12:54:04

I went to school with someone who did a similar thing. He was banned from driving even before he was old enough to learn.

ShowOfHands Tue 02-Aug-11 12:56:31

Basically, he's been a very silly boy.

Riakin Tue 02-Aug-11 13:11:52

If he has a history of doing this, his Parents should do better to hide their car keys.

Even so its completely unacceptable. I would like to say that he should be banged up, fined and made to do community service... the likelihood is that he will just have a ban and a fine.

I always think worst case scenario... what if he'd hit someone.

CalamityKate Tue 02-Aug-11 13:22:49

I completely agree, Riakin. Me, I hope he does get put away, although it's probably unlikely.

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