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URGENT - Paid CCJ in 30 days but court won't acknowledge payment

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enuffalready Thu 28-Jul-11 21:28:07

Hoping someone can help with this.

The short version is that I had a default CCJ entered against me. I paid within 14 days, but for some reason the court aren’t acknowledging that I have paid within 30 days and I’m scared this will stay on my record for 6 years.

The long version is this:
I logged on to check my credit rating the other day and found I had a CCJ. It was from my old flat – that I still own but haven’t lived in for six years – and the mail forwarding has run out. It was for ground rent and insurance, from September 2010. I had forgotten to pay the bill, which all went to the flat and they only had an email address for me that I very rarely use.

So, all correspondence from the leaseholders and the court was sent there, but I never received any of it. Of course, because I hadn’t responded to the court letters, a default judgment was entered.

I found this out on a Saturday morning, 12 days after the judgment had been made. Total panic, but first thing Monday morning, I ring the claimant and pay the full amount. I’m not disputing the amount owed, and I’m not even bothered about not knowing about the claim going to court.

That day, the claimant sent an email to the court saying I’d settled the claim and it was now clear. I ring the court three days later and discover that there is no record of the email saying I’ve paid. The customer service advisor says that an email from the claimant will suffice and gives me the email address. I ring the claimant who are adamant they sent the email.

I ask them to forward it to me, and I duly forward it to the court on the email address I was given. Again, I ring a day later, and nothing is recorded. The man I speak to this time says I need to pay a court fee to get a certificate of satisfaction. I try to explain I don’t need a certificate, I just need someone to put on the system that I’ve paid within 30 days and to have the record removed as my understanding was that if you pay within 30 days it doesn’t show up. So I email again, and call again the next day, nothing is recorded. By this time it’s the weekend again and I can’t get the claimant on the phone.

First thing Monday morning, I ring the court, and I ring the claimant. Send another email to the court. The claimant then writes me a letter Tuesday night with the date I paid the money to them and saying the case is clear, emails it to me to send to the court. I speak to someone at the court Wednesday morning and say shall I courier this letter, will it be done straight away? She says yes. I courier the letter yesterday, it is signed for at 1pm.

Ring this morning at 9am, and nothing again. Nothing has been logged and it is still showing a default judgment. After a bit of arguing, I finally get someone’s personal email address and send him all the info I have and the letter from the claimant. He says he’ll take it up there personally. At 3pm I call again and he hasn’t done it yet. But says he will.

I got him to send me an email acknowledging receipt of my emails and saying he’ll log them, but that’s it.

Is this normal? Do you normally have to fight the court to acknowledge that you’ve made a payment in good time? Is there anything I can do? What will happen if they don’t say the payment was made within 30 days but I have proof that I made the payment in good time?

If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it as time is running out.


thewizenedone Fri 29-Jul-11 08:27:53

Hello I would make a note of correction (think thats the right terminology) on credit reference, if there is something there that you dispute you can add a notice that viewers of your history can see. Also you can forward the emails to them and this should suffice. HTH

enuffalready Tue 09-Aug-11 21:38:28

Thank you! Finally got the court to acknowledge the payment. Thanks for your help, though.

Gonzo33 Thu 11-Aug-11 07:52:47

Glad you got it sorted, but yes you can put a NOC on your account.

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