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Unpaid invoice

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flaurenoko Mon 25-Jul-11 16:40:15

Im a self employed designer (graphics, websites etc).

I designed a website for a burlesque troupe.

They got a contract with a management group and I had a lot of conference calls with a lot of people (10 - 15) here and in the USA, to make changes to the website. Within this group of people, there were two management companies. Company A who seemed to be leading in directing what was to be done on the website, and Company B that everything was cleared with.

I was pregnant while designing the site, and they had lots of deadlines. I was working flat out at points to meet their deadline, then they would say stop all work while we consult "person x" (the artistic director for his input, for example) then new deadlines would be set and I would be rushing to make a whole new lot of changes.

A couple of weeks before the latest deadline, I received an email saying "stop all work - we are waiting for person y to come up for air". I then did not hear anything from them.

I had my baby (November) and shortly after received a message saying they would contact in the New Year to resume work on the website.

I waited them to contact - but heard nothing. Went to the site only to find it had been redone by someone else.

I contacted the person from Company A which I was receiving instructions from - who said why didnt I sort this out months ago (I did say I had a baby and was actually waiting for them to contact me "in the New Year") - he then said I should contact Company B. Company B dont get back to me.

Company A are a company in the USA, company B are in the UK (quite a famous company)..

Who should I chase, and how should I go about chasing them? Do I stand a chance of getting the money from the USA company? Or should I just go for the English company?

The invoice is in two parts. A splash page which they used, and the redeveloped website which never went online, but was only a week or so away from completion. The amount is £2405.. Will chasing this invoice cost me more than the invoice itself?


prh47bridge Mon 25-Jul-11 17:57:44

Which company was your contract with? Who did you invoice?

flaurenoko Mon 25-Jul-11 18:25:37


The manager of the burlesque girls was who I was originally working for - had done lots of work for him in the past - get on well.. He ALWAYS pays and things were very informal, so no contract.

At the beginning - he said he is paying for the work - then they started working as though they had huge sums of cash - so I emailed him to let him know everything is getting changed every time a new person looks at it and he will end up with a huge bill if they carry on like this.

He spoke to someone and got back to me telling me they would be picking up the bill, I presumed (stupidly) that because this is now a big company I am working for they would actually be more honest in paying their bills than an individual.. And as Id been working with the initial guy that always paid I didnt even consider creating a contract.

I presumed "they" were the UK company - so it was the UK company that got invoiced.. But where the problem is, is that the main instruction was all coming from the USA company. I actually, at the time, had no idea that there was more than one company that I was dealing with.

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