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Paternity Leave

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geezakiss Sun 24-Jul-11 04:03:23

I have recently discovered I am pregnant. My husband works in Afghanistan. The company he works for is registered in Jersey. The contract they have is with the FCO. He has been told he is not entitled to paternity leave. He can however take Compassionate leave. The company have told him that he has to pay for his own airfare for this. However, our baby is due 2 days after he is due to return to work. All the company has to do is move his return flight back by 2 weeks in order to give him this leave. But they still insist that he will have to pay the whole airfare himself. However, its not the company who pay for the flight, its the FCO. Is his company allowed to do this? People in the company have questioned before where this money goes but the generally hit a brick wall as the company generally treats its employees like shit.

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