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BILs ex Partner ignored solicitors letter and court papers asking for reasons she should not hand over half the house!

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sneezecakesmum Wed 20-Jul-11 21:10:55

Has she shot herself in the foot big time? Apparently she says she will go to court in August, and by the sound of it, self rep-----No solicitor worth their salt would have advised this head in the sand policy!

Will the judge hear her reasons for not handing over BILs half of the property or has she lost her right to speak? It would have been nice to hear her reasons as we think she is going to say BIL didnt live there or some such rubbish!

BILs solicitor will try to decline mediation as exP has proved so unreasonable.

cestlavielife Fri 22-Jul-11 15:53:55

she will be able to repsent a statement on the day - as my exP did.
judge may well ask ehr to give her reasons if she self repping.

dont worry too much - if they both on house deeds as joint tenants then the legal position under TLATA trusts of land act is straightforward - they equllly own it unless one proves has paid a lot eg big rennovation since separation.

iff she been living there and paying mortgage that is considered occupational rent. he still entitled to his share if is sold.

mumblechum1 Fri 22-Jul-11 17:37:17

She really needs to see a solicitor pronto to see if they can come to a deal before the hearing, otherwise she is very likely to be ordered to pay her husband's costs as punishment for not conducting the matter sensibly. This could easily be £2k plus.

sneezecakesmum Fri 22-Jul-11 22:18:43

She is very unreasonable, ignored BILs offer of voluntary child maintenance x 2, ignored the solicitors original letter, and now ignored the court. She works for a union and apparently she is self repping - her ego is such she thinks she can outwit the judge!

She won't come to any deal as she has said repeatedly its her house, despite evidence to to contrary. (sold BILs property, witheld other property, changed locks, emptied a bank account of 2.4K(his sole name) -bank wont persue it as she will say he gave her permission - despite admitting it was fraud and repaying his money immediately! angry She is a nightmare.

BILs solicitor warned her that she may be liable to his costs if she doesnt turn up (which he hopes she doesnt as he is footing the bill) but even if he is awarded half the house she will play up and not co operate with the estate agent etc sad

We will see in August [hope springing eternal and all that] !

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