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Legal rights in item repairs

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WibblyBibble Tue 19-Jul-11 22:48:41

Hoping someone has more idea of the legal situation on this than I do!

I got an ipod touch from a very kind friend last Christmas. I recently dropped it (blams sleep deprivation), and the screen cracked. It was, however, still working at this point- it was still fine to e.g. use internet, play music, talk on Facetime, stupid games, etc. I looked up repairs online and decided there was no way in hell I could do it myself, so took it in to apple-type shop locally- they said they didn't do repairs and it wouldn't be covered by warranty as it was accidental damage (my fault, which I totally accept, and I was expecting to pay for repairs anyway!) They told me the name of another local company which did repairs so I took it in there yesterday- they said it should be done by today. Hadn't heard from them by this afternoon so I went back in. The guy who does the repairs says it is now not working AT ALL- he replaced the screen and now he can't turn it on again.

I left it with them as they were going to try and fix it properly, but what if they can't? Do I still have to pay them? Do they get to charge me extra for fixing it from the, as far as I'm concerned, damage they've done to it? I am very annoyed as I could have just kept it with the broken screen but now apparently it's not working at all! My opinion is that this is their fault, but I don't know what the law suggests.

sneezecakesmum Wed 20-Jul-11 20:51:32

If they haven't fixed it and in fact made it worse I certainly wouldnt pay them! I don't think they can sue you for the repair as they would have to prove they repaired it!

They should have some kind of indemnity policy and should pay you for the fact they appear to have broken it, but not sure how much as it wasn't in perfect condition anyway, or to replace it.

Perhaps someone who is an expert will come along. Consult the CAB anyway, consumer law is a field they are expert in.


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