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Barbed wire on a party/boudary fence

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Nikx85 Fri 15-Jul-11 20:47:07

My back garden overlooks a neighbour that lives behind us, i had a 3ft fence across the back. the neighbour has decided to put up a 5ft fence around her garden with barbed wire over the top because she has adispute with my next door neighbour who's garden also overlooks hers. She has attached these fence panels by drilling into MY fence posts, and placing them behind, making it look like ive used scraps of wood to create a fence. and because she has a garage in the way she has only come halfway across my garden (she has basicly covered what she can see from her side) which has made my garden look a complete eye sore with mismatched half covered panels. there are also screws sticking through the fence on to my side. I know she is not responsible for making my garden look tidy but because she has only come halfway across she has made it look a mess, i also belive that by drilling in to MY fence post she has caused criminal damage. I have kids in the house and am worried they will catch themselves on the screws sticking through so i wont let them play out, and my cat cut herself on the barb wire when she stretched out on the shed roof! (the shed backs on to the fence) where do i stand if i was to take the fence down??

Collaborate Fri 15-Jul-11 23:59:23

If your fence is on your land then it's trespass and you can make her remove her panels and remedy any damage. Otherwise she can put a 6' fence on her land if she wants,

Kladdkaka Sat 16-Jul-11 00:40:04

Someone is mad enough to put up barbed wire in a domestic setting? Blimey. She obviously doesn't realise that anyone who hurts themselves on it, including trespassers can sue her under the Occupier Liability Acts.

Ring the Planning Department at your local council and ask them for advice.

Nikx85 Tue 19-Jul-11 11:54:02

cheers guys, shes BOLTED it in to my fence post! am still waiting for police to call me back, spoke to the council but because its private property (not council) i have to deal with the police

Collaborate Tue 19-Jul-11 13:40:26

Make sure that you can prove the fence belongs to you. You'll need the deeds to the house for this. You'd feel a bit silly if it turns out to be a party wall. Just because you paid for the fence post doesn't mean it belongs to you unless it's on your side of the boundary.

Have you tried speaking to her?

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