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Landlord been caught doing something dodgey

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TheHumanCatapult Fri 15-Jul-11 20:07:50

back story I rent my property from my landlord all above board .Orgianally a 12 month tennacy that went on to rolling tennacy .Proper contract etc .

I pay my rent to his business account so not his personal name but no rent book.But I can show the monthly payments .

The house I rent is located in a business yard but house is listed as resdential and council tax etc is in my name so all above boad

But on the same site he has converted a garage into a illegal dwelling and has 2 of his staff living in it full time( man and wife team ) .This he has never declared as resedential .

Well today a letter came from local council addressed to occupier at my house ...and i opened it thinking genral circular .Saying it has come to our attention that the Garage/workshop has been coverted to a resdential house which there is no planning permission for other than as a workshop/display room

Planning permission may be considered if there is a realtionship link to the main dwelling ie my house .which of course there is not .

Also im not silly know it will fail fire saftey as only one door and all the windows have bars on ..but from that point of view thats their problem not mine .

But should i make sure that council are fully aware that my house is not linked to the business or the site and I am nothing to do with any of it .and that any future letters need adressing to the businness not to my house .They have own postbox .Same postcode but when you do postcode search pulls up my house and the business as seperate options

Or should I just sit still say nothing and wait and see what happens?.Will he be fined or will the people living there be forced to move out and if so how long notice will they be given

Am worrying becuase ifthey have to move out he may well give me notice to quit the house and let them move into so can carry on running the business .Though business is struggling and i know that he will charge rent as he was going to let them move in here before i did but wanted to deduct to much from his wages for it .But obviously they will need somewhere to live if they have to leave the property

Gonzo33 Sat 16-Jul-11 18:37:28

Personally I would take a copy of the letter - send the original to the LL stating that you opened it as you thought it was for you but you think he should answer this letter, and also send a copy of this letter back to the council saying you have forwarded the letter to the owner of the properties. Someone may come along in a minute with more appropriate advice, but that is what I would do.

TheHumanCatapult Sat 16-Jul-11 18:53:22

thank you .Have passed letter to people living in the property they run the buiness on site for him and it is also there home .They do now and have always known is illegall conversion they live in .But he was telling me that Ll has fallen out with few people as has e so any of them could done in spite .

Am going to write to council and send monday stating that I am nothing to do with the buissness .i just rent up to my property borders

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