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Student lodger. Contracts?

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Cupcakemonkey Wed 13-Jul-11 11:46:19

we are looking into the possibility of having a student stay with us for 6 months. They will be paying us a little bit, enough to cover extra bills/food. Just wondering what type of contract we need, mainly to state that if damages are incurred we are able to use maybe a deposit or something to cover costs.
DP doesn't know how formal this should be or would it be sufficient to have some guidelines.
Sorry if this is quite mundane and silly. We've never done this before so have no idea. Any advice on what we need to do would be gratefully received.

cestlavielife Wed 13-Jul-11 12:19:29

vj32 Wed 20-Jul-11 19:44:29

Try contacting your local uni (in term time!) - they will be looking for people to give their students a room and will give you advice.

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