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Help/advice needed - scottish legal system. I can't find my driving license

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hammybobs Sun 10-Jul-11 16:31:38

to send to the court to get 3 points added. I've pulled my home apart, it's no were to be found. I can apply for a new one, but it won't get back in time for the 28 day dead line to pay the fine and get my license endorsed. What will happen? If I send the notice with a cheque to pay the fine, and confirm I've applied for a new license, is that enough? Or will this mean I'll end up having to go to court as I haven't presented my license at the same time as paying the fine?


hammybobs Sun 10-Jul-11 21:29:16


Collaborate Sun 10-Jul-11 21:51:20

Why don't you ring them up? They must have come across this before.

hammybobs Mon 11-Jul-11 00:27:43

Spent ages trying to find the number on the scottish courts website - it wasn't listed. Think I've a number which I'll try tomorrow, was just hoping maybe someone on here knew what might happen.

Collaborate Mon 11-Jul-11 07:08:25

Isn't there a number on your penalty notice? Usually in E&W you send the form, fine and license to the police. It's the police who send it to DVLA. I think....

hammybobs Mon 11-Jul-11 22:13:14

Weirdly enough there was no number, only a website. The website didn't have the court listed on it. I found a number online which rang out. Sent an email to an address that came with the number, no reply. Phoned the police who didn't know how things worked, and when asked for the number, gave me a different court's number. Spoke to another court, and they said that if I don't submit the notice, license, and cheque by wednesday, they'll just issue another notice. I'm a bit hmm about that. If I send the notice with the cheque and a letter explaining the situation, I was told they'll send it back.

I think the upshot is it won't increase the fine if I don't have the license until my new one comes through, nor will it add more points to my license. I'm just not too sure exactly what will happen, and it worries me slightly. Hopefully, there'll be no early morning police raid to 'huckle' me to the jail cells, and I might just avoid the 'most wanted' list. I think. hmm

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