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ozzywiz Sun 10-Jul-11 00:22:56

House under mortgage and owned by us both, none of us live their and house is stood empty. in negative equity and none of us paying mortgage. It wil eventually get reposessed.
what are our rights if their is zero communication. from my understanding we both have the right to go in and do what we want like remove things from the house etc. . would this matter go to court and can you stop your ex doing DIY on house if you feelv you not been asked.

STIDW Sun 10-Jul-11 02:04:39

Both parties have the same rights of access but I would have thought that and stopping your ex from doing the DIY is the least of your worries. What are you going to do if the property is repossessed and there isn't any equity to repay the mortgage?

Gonzo33 Sun 10-Jul-11 07:46:02

Which means you both will be liable for the short fall.

is the property insured for buildings? If not you will be responsible for paying (jointly) should the house get trashed.

ozzywiz Sun 10-Jul-11 12:12:10

there is no insurances. there is a nagitive equity so will defo be a debt for both of us. but can this debt be passed on to just one of us if the house is trashed and I believe my ex has trashed it.

mumblechum1 Sun 10-Jul-11 16:43:44

You are both jointly and severally liable. That means that the lender can try to recover all of the debt from both of you, not just half each.

Presumably it's on the market?

mumblechum1 Sun 10-Jul-11 16:44:20

I suspect that the lender will be keeping it insured if they know the full story,k and that the premiums will be added to the debt.

ozzywiz Tue 12-Jul-11 00:36:07

no its not on the market and the lender doesnt have a clue.

Gonzo33 Tue 12-Jul-11 06:15:45

Thanks mumblechum, your right the lender can add insurance premiums to the debt. I am going to be on a learning curve when I get back to UK!!!

ozzywiz, personally I would contact the lender if I were you and explain the situation. You might be in a better situation if you actively try and sell the property yourself instead of leaving it to decay. Also, you might get more money if you sell it privately than the lender selling it as a repo. Thus leaving you less of a short fall to work out between you.

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