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Taking other people's kids abroad

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sophiaverloren Thu 07-Jul-11 12:40:19

with their permission of course! We're taking 2 unrelated (to us) children on holiday with us this summer. What should I be thinking about? Some sort of permission from parents - what format should this take to be acceptable to passport authorities? Can children get their own medical insurance or would it be best (possible?) to include on a 2 week family policy? Any advice and experience gratefully received!

Collaborate Thu 07-Jul-11 19:11:09

A letter signed from the parents should be enough if you're worried.

Gonzo33 Fri 08-Jul-11 13:19:26

Post Office does travel insurance for children travelling alone.

sneezecakesmum Fri 08-Jul-11 21:02:13

Written and signed permission that you can act 'in loco parentis' if for instance the child was ill you could consent to treatment.

Insurance for the children, discuss with the insurance company, they are notorious for looking for loopholes not to pay out.

The European Health card (EHIC) Free (some websites will rip you off" here

Phone the passport office to see if they have any sneaky rules about travelling with other peoples children : For passport advice, call 0300 222 0000.

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