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Childrens Passport query

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rubin Wed 06-Jul-11 23:52:14


Background to this is that my DSs father & I are not together. He lives other end of UK to me & has access to our DSs two weekends a month - one weekend at his home & the other near me (IE where the boys live).

When they go to his home (which hasnt happened yet - his choice) he will need their passports. I've absolutely no issue with this. However recently he has been demanding their passports without any reason (He's been ranting & raving a lot recently!). I secretly suspect that he just doesn't want me to have possession of them, particularly as he knows that I might be going on holiday with them soon.

He is now insisting that his solicitor has told him that it can be enforced that their passports are kept with a solicitor or other legal person - ie as a neutral body - so that I don't just have them. And that we can both access independantly. This sounds ludicrous to me, especially as I would never refuse them to him if & when they boys are flying to his place or going on holiday with him.

Surely this is madness?? Just looking some advice to reassure me that I can be forced into that sort of set-up...

wonderfultykes Thu 07-Jul-11 14:23:46

We had our DD (6yo) fly solo within UK with expired passport - BA were fine about it, they didn't need to see it. We just told them it had expired, and i got the personnel code or whatever for the employee who said it wouldn't be a prob. Took her birth cert instead.

THey may not need passports at all.

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