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step parent

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superwomen20 Tue 05-Jul-11 16:26:26

Hi my Ds is 18 months old his bio father has had no contact with him since he was 4 weeks old he has never supported or provided for him. Bio dad has been in and out of prison, has an asbo, probation orders and also a restraining order not to contact or come to my address for the next 2 years. I recently applied for a residency order which I was given as he's threatened to take my ds several times. During our "relationship" there was domestic abuse. He has recently applied for contact waiting for a date for finding of fact hearing. My hubby and I have spoke about hubby adopting ds how likely does anyone think this would be or applying for a step parent responsibility order.

Collaborate Tue 05-Jul-11 22:18:58

I'm pretty sure you'll get the step parent PR. Not so sure about the adoption. Wouldn't pick it as my specialist subject on mastermind.

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