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problems with mobile phone insurance claim

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kentmumtj Sun 03-Jul-11 01:08:42

Has anyone had to ever claim for a loss of theft of a mobile phone from the 'geek squad'.
What was your experience as my is dreadful and despite phoning several times plus numerous emails i can not get a response from them.

In the meantime phone bill is still beig paid with no phone. Its soooo frustrating.

6 weeks ago my dd realised the day after she had been out that she did not have her mobile. It was either lost, stolen or at her friends house. She went to the place where she was out and checked it had not been handed in and it hadnt. Her friend had gone away for the weekend so could not look in her house. My dd went to carphone warehouse who told her to contact o2 to block the number whic she did within the 24 hours guideline. She asked them whether it should be reported to the police and was told to check with her friend first when she came back.

Her friend came back a couple of days later and did not have the phone.
We contacted police and reported lost/stolen, we had phoned them up a ouple of days ealier explaining that we didnt know whether it was lost/stolen or at a friends and they too told us to wait til she came back as we couldnt report a crime til we knew.

Now geek squad are saying as it wasnt reported within 2 days (it was reported within 5 due to freind being away) that we can not clai on insurance. Ive appealed against this and have still had no reply. Ive complained about my appeal being ignored.

What more can i do

kentmumtj Mon 04-Jul-11 14:45:01

anyone or am i alone ................

moneyclaims4udotcom Mon 11-Jul-11 20:54:56

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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