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dispute with Executor

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firefly101 Tue 28-Jun-11 17:52:04

Haven't posted in this section of Mumsnet before, would be grateful for any advice.

A family member recently passed away and left a will leaving her possessions and savings to 3 beneficiaries (no property, her home was left to another family member by her late husband although she had the right to remain there until her death). The Executor has allowed other members of the family into the property clear it and they have taken items of value (furniture etc) as well as items of sentimental value (wedding dress etc) and the Executor cannot tell us where they are, some may have gone to the charity shop!

This is causing alot of upset to the beneficiaries, I have spoken to three local law firms this afternoon and not really got any advice, it seems the Executor can dispose of items as he sees fit despite them having been left to 3 member of the family, is this right? Apparently we can sue the Executor (in the worst case) but need to establish the monetary value of the items taken (no inventory was taken) and offset this against the cost of hiring a solicitor.

Had anyone any idea what to do next? (will need to put LO to bed shortly but will log back on later).

Many thanks for reading .

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