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Redundancy Question

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HidinginaHardHat Mon 27-Jun-11 22:37:31

Just wondering what the legality is on wording a job profile so that only one person out of a team of 10 can apply for a post is?

Effectively is it legal to cherry pick in a job profile during the consultation period? If the person in question KNOWS the profile has been created for them and neither they nor management are hiding this fact do those who will lose their jobs have some come back at all? When you look at the team every member does the same job but this one person is very much the favoured person when you see how training and work loads are allocated.


flowery Mon 27-Jun-11 22:48:19

Depends if the criteria that is being applied is justifiably required for the job or not.

If it's a secretarial post, all the candidates meet 'normal' secretarial requirements but one happens to also have a medical degree, the employer couldn't justifiably put 'must have medical degree' on the person spec and those who meet all other requirements could complain that the selection process is meaningless as the outcome is already decided.

But if it's something that could genuinely be either required or very useful in the job then it's fine for the employer to put it as an essential/desirable criteria as appropriate.

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