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Any one know anything about setting up a charity

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IDontDoIroning Fri 24-Jun-11 08:33:17

my daughter is in a dance team. We pay the class fees to the dance school and pay weekly subs and fund raise bag pack etc to buy the dresses shoes etc. We also write to local companies for donations etc bit some refuse on the grounds we aren't a charity.
Would we be able to set up a charity eg friends of xxx dance team,. The aims of this charity would be to support the dance team. We coukd then use it to account for our fundraising which would also allow us to get donations from these companies. I realise that there are legal rules about charutable objectives and the requirements to have trustees and proper accounts etc.
Any advice gratefully received.

Winetimeisfinetime Fri 24-Jun-11 10:45:37

It sounds like you have already done some research so probably already know about the Charity Commission website here. If not, it gives lots of information about setting up a charity.

I am currently helping a local group in a similar position to your dd's dance team go through the process so will watch this thread with interest for any tips.
What we are trying to do is find a similar group that already have charitable status, who will let us see their Governing Document/ Articles of Association and use that as a basis for ours, in the hopes that using model or preapproved documents for our application will make the process easier.

STIDW Fri 24-Jun-11 11:54:52

The National Council of Voluntary Organisations should have resources about governance and setting up a charity. Only organisations with charitable aims "for public benefit" are granted the charity label.

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