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Mobbed kitchens gone bust. My kitchen due to be delivered on Tuesday.

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Fisharefriendsnotfood Thu 23-Jun-11 19:11:29


We stopped the cheque on time which is obviously good. Trouble is, the kitchen I want in sat in a warehouse in Manchester waiting delivery and they've closed up shop.

Does anyone know if I have any chance of getting my hand on the units if we pay cash? Will the administrators deal like this?

All help gratefully received. We have had to renovate our entire how due to flooding at christmas.,and are due to move back in in a couple of weeks. I don't have time, nor do I want another kitchen. I can get current builders to fit it so that's not an issue

Fisharefriendsnotfood Thu 23-Jun-11 19:12:58

Bloody autocorrect. Should say moben

SecretNutellaFix Thu 23-Jun-11 19:53:40

Moben? Is it just that store? Because there's nothing on the website and there's been an ad on TV today.

prh47bridge Thu 23-Jun-11 20:51:36

HomeForm Group has announced today that it is going into administration. They own Moben kitchens, Kitchens Direct, Dolphin bathrooms and Sharps bedrooms. They want to sell Moben and Dolphin in order to keep the other two brands going. Note that the idea of putting a company into administration is to try and save the business.

The administrator will usually have a specific exit route in mind. In this case it seems that is likely to involve selling Moben and Dolphin. I doubt the administrator will want to sell off assets such as their stock of goods for sale as this will reduce the value of the business. The administrator will get the best price for Moben if it can be sold as a going concern.

If you hadn't stopped your cheque you may still have got your kitchen from Moben. I suggest your next step is to contact them to discuss the way forward and what guarantees they can offer that the work will be completed.

prh47bridge Thu 23-Jun-11 20:54:01

Just for clarity, Moben has not closed up shop. HomeForm are expecting to appoint an administrator within 10 days but apparently they hope to sell Moben before the administrator comes in. It therefore seems likely that Moben will continue to operate.

iheartdusty Thu 23-Jun-11 20:57:56

something similar happened to us, but the company was bought at the last minute by another co which honoured all the contracts, and we got our kitchen.

prh47bridge, fair point about the administrator not wanting to sell off stock, but if customers completed their existing orders wouldn't that just transform stock into cash at retail rates, so good for the balance sheet? <<ignorant about administration>>

prh47bridge Thu 23-Jun-11 22:48:41

Yes, the administrator will definitely want customers to complete their existing orders. They want to have a fully functioning business. They therefore want customers to behave as if nothing has happened. An administrator generally wants to deal with the big picture. They would rather not have to deal with lots of individual customers.

pippala Sat 25-Jun-11 17:31:15

I am so sorry to hear that op but at least you stopped the cheque.
It makes sense of what happened to us last month now.
We had a guy round to plan our new kitchen with a budget of £35,000
He was all over us with a rash telling us what he could plan for us with such a good budget.
I wanted a large granite island housing a small vegetable prep sink, dishwasher, washing machine etc
Put the order in and told someone would contact us regarding the deposit, timings etc
2 weeks went by and heard nothing so rang the designer who said sorry we can't take your order cos we would have to dig your floor up to get water/electric to the island!!!!!!
Considering that the floor/ceilings are being renewed due to new lights and underfloor heating it would have been an easy job!
Thought at the time it didn't make sense to turn our order down but prehaps the designer knew what was ahead and saved us from loosing all our money.
You never know there could be honest salesmen out there!
Kitchen all done now with a german kitchen company called Leicht. Have to say I am thrilled it is Fab and everyone says it looks like a magazine kitchen.
I hope that you get a much better kitchen and are very happy with it. So glad you managed to stop the check in time.

Fisharefriendsnotfood Sat 25-Jun-11 17:37:09

Thank you pippala

I am still hoping to get my hand on the kitchen. We have been out of our house since Christmas, and the rental house we are in is let out to someone else from the middle of next month.

I just want to go home sad

pippala Tue 28-Jun-11 15:45:42

Any News on your kitchen?

ScarlettIsWalking Tue 28-Jun-11 15:50:29

Wow you were lucky - how soon did you send the deposit though for a delivery on tuesday as cheques normally take 3 days to clear? That must have been a really quick service from survey to delivery that you were able to stop the cheque in time.

Genuinely curious as I am buying a new kitchen.

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