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such a mess my friend is in...

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bebemooneedsabreak Tue 21-Jun-11 17:08:07

So a friend and his partner started starting a media business (skits and commercials and whatnot) together... i.e. they were making contacts, setting up website,set up FB site, had done some preliminary commercials/taping of skits. According to him, while working together she was pretty much the secretary and personnel person, but the ideas mostly his and part of the brainstorming sessions they did with some of the cast of said skits and commercials. They were both 'on set' during tapings.
They've had a break up on a personal level (tho he says it was partly abt the work) and she's blocked him out of everything: FB site is blocked from him, website passwords changed, and all the contacts and rest of the info is with her. She's not responding to calls, emails, texts etc. They were supposed to be doing work this week but apparently it's been cancelled (by her) as he showed up 'on set' and no one was there.
He was obviously very silly to only have 1 copy of things left...
but what recourse does he have? What can be done, if anything? They've not officially been registered as a business yet and he's got nothing but his word that they were working together...

I suggested calling CAB and seeking legal advice; he's pretty much skint and was putting what little money he had into this venture and borrowing on people's goodwill for the rest...

bebemooneedsabreak Tue 21-Jun-11 18:13:02

No other ideas for me to give to him?

Collaborate Tue 21-Jun-11 20:54:47

Very expensive court proceedings.

He could set up a rival business. If the ideas are all his then what he's left behind won't last long.

bebemooneedsabreak Wed 22-Jun-11 07:53:59

Expensive yeah sad

I keep trying to reassure him that if he made contacts once he can certainly do it again. AND (like you said) if the ideas were his then she'll soon not have any but he still will so even if he starts smaller again it's the quality which will shine through...

Collaborate Wed 22-Jun-11 09:06:20

He's just got to consider the value of the business he's left behind. He should perhaps seek the advice of an accountant about how to dissolve the partnership. The assets of the partnership are no more hers than his. Not worth taking her to court for any of it I presume, but the intellectual property can presumably be reconstructed.

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