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Consumer rights online

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JenL Tue 21-Jun-11 16:00:47

Hi there, not sure if anyone can help. I purchased a dress recently from an etailer, and sent it back for a refund as it wasn't the right fit. However, I received an email this morning from them stating that the garment would be returned to me without a refund as they have found a mark on the back, deeming it unsellable. I'm definitely not the person who's marked it as I took it out of its packaging to try it on, then wrapped it up again immediately. What rights do I have? Is it my word against theirs? Grrr....

PssstOverHere Tue 21-Jun-11 20:32:51

You should contact Consumer Direct, 08454 04 05 06 (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm). They are very good, helped me with a tricky retailer before now.

Do you want to name and shame the company??!

moneyclaims4udot Tue 12-Jul-11 00:17:19

no, file a N1 claim form online at MCOL

you have a watertight case, write letter of claim first, telling them to pay up otherwise you have no alternative but to file a N1 claim form in the Northampton County Court(online website) for the cost of dress plus court disbursements(£90) {court costs are recoverable}.

Also say, once allocation questionnaires are filed the hearing will be moved to xxxxx court (your local court - done automatically)

you have a 100% win case

avaa Sat 16-Jul-11 20:10:47


I do hope nobody has had this experience but be warned, I wanted to return to work I am interested in the property business, I signed up with a company who billed themselves as helping women to understand money and giving them the skills to understand the property game, I agreed to take the course and gave them a big deposit but cancelled within 7 days that was 2 months ago still waiting for return of my deposit and unless I sign a letter which states I am happy with the way the company handled my cancellation, and I am not allowed to talk about it to any third party they are unwilling to return my deposit Women in wealth or Tigrent learning is the name of the company The deposit £8,000 and they want a to take 5% admin fee for having my money for five days.
I feel stupid and at my wits end have not slept for weeks. I have two children very worried

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
I warn anyone thinking of dealing with this company beware, as there are other women

I have contacted Trading standards but and the OFT but so far no help !

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