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Family Law

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emilyj555 Mon 20-Jun-11 11:45:31

My sister is going through a really tough time at the moment, she is recently divorced, and they have settled on shared residence of their two children. He is fighting for sole custody, and he is constantly sending her abusive messages saying things like she is a crap mother, and her children know it..etc. It is of course unture, slanderous and really terrifying for her. He is completely manipulative, and we are desperately trying to find a clause that states that both parents should remain civil in their communications between each other. She does not rise to the accusations, but she feels beaten down by these emails, is there a clause to say that this behaviour is recognised as both inappropriate and against the code of conduct to stop him from sending these abusive emails? Please help- in desperate need of help.

Collaborate Mon 20-Jun-11 12:48:15

She should changer her number and any messages can be passed through you. That's the most practical way to deal with this. she should save all his texts though and show then to the judge.

Savoir Tue 21-Jun-11 16:46:27

Cyberbullying, or bullying via text message, can be considered harassment according to this (although it's an extreme example):

Cyberbullying & the drama triangle of divorce

I'm not a lawyer, but I would recommend that your sister tells her solicitor what is going on and he/she can advise. If she goes to the police and complains of harassment, they will probably give him a friendly warning which should be enough to stop him - if it isn't, he will be in the soup.

Gonzo33 Tue 21-Jun-11 17:39:40

I had this before, during and after my divorce from my ex. I was told by my solicitor at the time to report it to the Police, but these threats involved threats to kill. He also made false allegations to my place of work in the hope that it would lose me my job.

I did report it to the Police and they did warn him, but it took him being arrested for him to calm down, and that was only for a short period.

I don't know what the legal stance is on this now, but I was advised at the time to change my telephone numbers and email address and that all contact had to go via my father whi my exh is/was shit scared of

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