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freedom of onformation.

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dontquotem3 Sat 18-Jun-11 16:43:26

I've posted this same thread under a different name but don't seem to be getting any bites.

I am a council tenant living in a housing association property. Sometime last year (mar-may), the housing association informed me that my property was one of 21 properties to have a survey done on them with a view to making improvements. The survey took place and various things came up like the need for new kitchen and bathroom flooring, unsuitable wall covering (woodchip paper) in the bathroom inadequate insulation in the loft and some other minor things. Now this year push has come to shove and the housing association is now saying that due to funding (isn't it always that) they won't be able to carry out any of the proposed improvements in any of the surveys conducted.

Two things:
1. Wouldn't the funding have been put in place already, this was some kind of program they decided to do so I would have thought that the financial aspect would have been looked at and secured beforehand.
2. Is there anyway that I can get a copy of the survey that was done on the property that I live in under freedom of information or otherwise.

Thanks in advance.

iklboo Sat 18-Jun-11 16:48:22

1. They might not necessarily have had the funding. It's possible they were doing a costings proposal to try and get the funding, but have been turned down.

2. There's no harm in asking, I suppose.

Sorry I can't be of more help!

xiaojdd Sun 19-Jun-11 01:27:46

Message deleted

dontquotem3 Sun 19-Jun-11 23:15:49

Thanks iklboo.
Will ask tomorrow.
I'm a bit embarrassed, just seen my thread title typo blush.

xiaojwww Mon 20-Jun-11 02:44:31

Message deleted

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