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old loft conversion with no completion certificate.

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RollOnAugust Mon 13-Jun-11 14:49:03

My two bed ex LA house was purchased in 1992 and the owners were granted planning permission for a loft conversion with velux and staircase. They did the work but didn't get a completeion certificate. Since then the house was sold twice (including our purchase in 2005) as a 2 bed with floored & lined loft.

We are ready to complete on a sale but the buyers solicitor is asking for completion certificate which we don't have.

I have checked and it has never been granted a completion certificate...if it had we would have sold as a 3 bed!

it is doubltful the works would meet todays regulations so getting a certificate of comfort seems unlikely.

What can we do in this situation????

MollysChamber Mon 13-Jun-11 14:53:56

I believe you can get a certificate of comfort when the work was completed as long ago as this (eek nearly 20 years ago!).

Speak to someone in building control at the Council.

RollOnAugust Mon 13-Jun-11 17:18:45

Hi I have spoken with building control and they say that after inspecting the work in 19 93 the issued a list of alterations. The owners then sold the house ... without passing the list of work... so it was never done. On each sale the property was sold as having a floored attic and never had any problems selling or buying.

Based on the 20+ years of outstanding alterations ... which would involve ripping it to bits and starting again.....they are not willing to issue a certificate of comfort. sad what the hell do we do now?

MollysChamber Mon 13-Jun-11 20:15:10

Not sure there is anything you can do in that case other than instruct your solicitor to inform theirs and see what they say.

If it's any comfort to you my friend bought a house under similar circumstances recently.

sneezecakesmum Mon 13-Jun-11 20:27:26

My son also sold his house as a 2 bed with attic room. He was not allowed to sell it as a bedroom as it did not have a fire door or some such. I believe it did not meet current building regs. As long as its not advertised as a 3 bed I dont see their problem. My son was advised to take out an indemnity policy just to cover any problems and comebacks.

RollOnAugust Mon 13-Jun-11 23:32:02

Thanks for all your replies. I have spoken with the buyer and they are unconcerned and want to go ahead with the sale.

I am taking nothing as guarenteed until it is a done deal but I have everything crossed.

pookamoo Mon 13-Jun-11 23:36:20

I think your solicitor will be able to advise. You might be able to get an insurance policy to cover the risk. It would be a one-off payment. Definitely ask your solicitor tomorrow, especially as the buyers are keen to go ahead - they might even split the cost of it (it won't be very much anyway, perhaps about £100). Good luck!

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