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advice from those who've been there...

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daisychainsaws Sun 12-Jun-11 21:28:23

It looks like my relationship is at an end.

We have a young baby and I'm worried about what to do now. We live about 2 hours apart (job / family circumstances) so housing is not an issue; I'm renting and he owns a house. Our DD lives with me.

I work and our baby is looked after by a combination of a childminder and my family.

He is a volatile person and I've probably stayed in the relationship as I'm worried about what will happen when we split. He's made threats to me but I think he knows that if he follows through then access will be difficult and he doesn't want to lose her.

He loves his DD, and I don't want to stop him seeing her but I don't trust him to have her overnight - in 7 months not once has he got up with her in the night {largely due to his drinking}.

What should I do now to make this situation the best it could be?

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