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Need help filling in a N244 form please help!!!!!!!

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Nichua0885 Thu 09-Jun-11 10:46:13

Hi All!

Basically I have been renting a house with a local estate agent since last February, I live on my own with my 4 year old son.

I had a letter to renew my tenancy and pay £85 admin fee at the beginning of March. I sent off cheque and waited for my tenancy. I then received a letter telling me my landlord is going bankrupt and i need to pay all rent to this company looking after his finances and acting as his trustee's.

I passed the letter to my estate agents who told me not to worry my tenancy would be fine and to carry on as normal.

It's now the end of May and still no tenancy, I have chased them several times and been fobbed off with reasons as to why i have not received it, I then get another letter from a mortgage company, stating they are taking my landlord to court with a possession order at the end of June. I talk to my estat agents who tell me the letter must be a fake or in some way exxagerrating the truth. They later ring back and confirm it is a real letter, not that i ever doubted that anyway!! I was told by estate agents not to worry and just wait to see what the court decides.

I contacted my local council for help who tell me i need to get an N244 form completed and given to the courts, I will then be able to postpone the court date for 2 months. I also need to go to CAB and ask them to contact estate agents to ask them to return £85 i paid for a new tenancy.

So the situation is much worse than I thought it was as the estate agents had led me to believe there was no problem!!!

I don't know what to do!! I am on a low income and cannot afford to move elsewhere. and I do not want to move to another house with my current estate agents as i do not trust them at all!!!!

Please help what do i do, also I will have to pay to push the court date back 2 months!!! sad sad

Collaborate Thu 09-Jun-11 13:09:53

The trustee in bankruptcy will want to ensure that the rent keeps on rolling in. So will the mortgage lender (provided they end up with the rent!), but I'm assuming that the house is in an area where there are many rented properties so whoever ends up buying it will be glad there is a tenant.

You have a periodic shorthold tenancy after the initial term has expired - they have to give you 2 months to quit but you can leave with 1 months notice. Don't know about how the reposession thing changes things, but you need to speak to the mortgagee asap and find out whether they will want you out of the house, or if they simply want posession from your landlord.

You also don't want to be paying rent to the landlord after the hoise has been reposessed - he won't be entitled to it then and you may have to pay the mortgage lender even though you've already paid your landlord.

Look at this: it's the best advice.

Also the landlord's agent should have placed your deposit in a seperate account. Make sure you know where it is and that it's safe. If you've already paid the last months rent (not uncommon) it might be worthwhile holding off your payment for a month because if your landlord is made bankrupt you'll never recover that back, and if it is reposessed the mortgage lender won't credit you with rent that you've not paid to them.

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