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Ferocious dog next door keeps jumping into garden and attacking us

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Putthatbookdown Sat 04-Jun-11 19:23:42

Large dog (rotweiler) is not well-exercised etc by owners and getting more fierce We are too afraid to go out into our back garden : aneighbour alerted us just inthe nick of time the other day and we returned home to find the dog pounding at our back door No doubt he would take a large chunk out of us if he could. We have thought about a fence but fear it would only make things worse as he would just go at it till it breaks .Anyway why should we have to pay for a fence ? Council not being helpful.

nocake Sat 04-Jun-11 20:31:44

Have you spoken to the animal control officer at the council. If they aren't helpful contact the police.

Earlybird Sat 04-Jun-11 20:33:26

Do you own your house? Can you afford to put in a fence? If yes to both, I think I would.

Collaborate Sat 04-Jun-11 22:52:18

Contact the RSPCA too.

Gonzo33 Sun 05-Jun-11 12:06:35

Definately contact the RSPCA

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