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Goat keeping??

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pipsy76 Sat 04-Jun-11 18:24:33

I have got the right section honestly!

My question is to all you legal minded mumsnetters; I would like to buy a quarter of an acre of my neighbour's back garden so I can fulfil a lifelong dream and keep 2 pigmy goats and some chickens.

She is considering it and I'm quite exicted, however I've just looked at the deeds of our house and they state we may only keep ordinary domestic animals on the property or chickens againt the back fence.

So my questions is are pygmy goats an ordinary domestic animal; they don't product milk they will only be pets and do deeds from 1967 still count? ( the animals will back onto fields and won't be annoying anyone but we live in the sort of area with nosey neighbours who might find it fun to complain to the council!)

Many Thanks!

sneezecakesmum Sat 04-Jun-11 21:24:40

If it says domestic animal and not pets I don't see why not. cows and sheep are domesticated animals so that may have been the meaning of 'ordinary domestic'. I would imagine it is refering to no wild animals, there was a fashion in the 60 and 70s to keep big cats (as in cheetas) in back gardens!

Its all in the wording really. Could you get a free half hour legal advice to clarify it, or wait for someone on here who has legal qualifications?.

Collaborate Sat 04-Jun-11 22:56:27

I'd disagree. Whilst they may be tame, they aren't domesticated. Neither is cattle.

For a restrictive covenant to bind you it has to benefit someone, and they have to enforce it. Try and identify the land that it benefits, and see whether they are aware (by search at the land registry) they have the benefit of the covenant. Above all, of you want to be sure of your position, take all the deeds to a solicitor for some advice. It shouldn't cost too much, and at least you'll know where you stand before you buy the neighbour's land.

pipsy76 Sun 05-Jun-11 07:25:31

Thank you both, I think legal advice is the way to go, it would be a shame to spend out and then be stuck!

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