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kbambi Sat 21-May-11 05:33:37

my names Katy im 19 years old and heres my story

It all started on may 30th 2010, Social Services took my boy off me
after making a mistake of leaving him for a few seconds in the bath i
know how wrong this was but i rung the hospital straight away he was
fine and was checked over but it wasnt good enough so they took him!
Since then i lost my house my money and everything i knew around me, i
sorted myself out though in the following december i got a flat, my
benifits were sorted and i started trying to co-operate with everyone!
but in January i was diagnosed with bpd (borderline personality
disorder) which stopped me been assessed for him to come home instead
they started to consider his father which didnt want anything to do
with him until january 2011! But the final decision has come forward
now as we decided to fight and go to court, unfortunatly they agreed
with all the professionals im devostated! how can people be allowed to
make this decsion in someones life? i feel so lost without my son and
it keeps repeating in my mind if there is anything i can do?
hes soon to be put under a sgo (special guardianship order) to his dad who is not his certificat but they have a matched dna
I just need to talk to someone whos going through the same thing
because i cant handle this!
i now have nobody!

Collaborate Sat 21-May-11 05:51:24

Are you still seeing your son? This must be a very difficult time for you. YOu need to see your GP. you may be suffering from depression and they would becable to offer you treatment.

WelshCerys Sat 21-May-11 09:00:17

Hi Katy
Don't despair. As Collaborate says, go to your GP. Asking for help right now is a sign of strength and determination. So go now - see a GP at the surgery that you trust/like. Perhaps someone who has an interest in teenage health (ask reception/go on surgery website to find out). Tell him/her your story and that you want to make things right for your and your son.

You're very young and you do need to take good care of yourself - you'll be much better able to cope with this situation about your son if you do.

Next - get legal advice of some kind. I think you need to be properly represented in all this. Of course you miss your son terribly - but see this is a series of important steps that you must take to get back the kind of family life that will be good for you, your son and his dad.

You could try to find a family solicitor who is expert in dealing with the courts and in family law. You may well get funding for your case so don't worry about the money side of this right now.

Do you have family or friends nearby?

As I said at the start, don't despair. Think strong. Keep in touch with us here ..

hsurp Sat 28-May-11 07:47:49

That's a crazy decision!!! Does the court have any past bad examples for you? I have BPD and Bi-Polar, and Anxiety, and Depression, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) AND ADD!!! My bf of 7 1/2 years is still allowed to see his son. His son's mother is Bi-Polar also! If you are getting help consistently then there should be NO issue! If you are not on meds, I suggest you see a Psychiatrist and see him/her soon!!!

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