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Will changing jobs after qualifying week affect my SMP from my current employer?

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marigoldilocks Wed 23-Mar-11 17:42:31

Hello! Please could someone help if they have any experience with this?
I want to start a new job and have staying in my current job long enough to qualify for SMP. I got an email confirming my eligiblity and am 26 weeks so past the qualifying week. I want to work in my new job until the week before my due date.

I am worried about my current employer cancelling my SMP!!! Can they do this??? Is there any way that I can guarentee my SMP . They have sent an email confirming my approval and starting date (which I have asked to me my due date). I dont want to quit my job unless I have guarenteed SMP but I dont want to stay and have a new job lined up already for me to start.

I am really worried about them changing their minds about paying me SMP. Please hlep! What would you do??

nocake Wed 23-Mar-11 22:07:07

This website has some useful info - SMP Info

It says that if you have change employer after the qualifying week then you are entitled to SMP from that employer.

IzziesMummy Wed 23-Mar-11 23:17:02

I did this - I started a new job at 27 weeks pregnant and got SMP from my old employer. But be aware that your SMP will start early before your baby is born.

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