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Immigration law?

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jerin Wed 12-Jan-11 22:38:11

I would be so very grateful for any help or advice you can offer on the following situation.  

My partners niece entered the Uk in 2001 aged 9 on a settlement to join parent visa.  Her mother had ILR.  
She re-entered the uk after what was supposed to be a short holiday at home on a new visa in the same passport in October 2003. At some point in 2004 her passport was lost or stolen.  It was reported to the police at the time.  The police report was kept by the embassy when her passport was reapplied for. She has no record of the crime number.  She had a new passport issued in nov 2004.
In 2006 her mothers partner applied for ILR but when the passport showing her endorsement was requested the application seems to have been abandoned as her mothers partner had no documentation to send.
My partners niece, since turning 18 has applied and again been turned down.  
I am now trying to look into this for her and it seems that if the passport is not available an Immigration Status Document or Home Office letter stating status will be accepted.  She doesn't have either of these.  What can she do? Should these have been obtained at the time of the loss of passport and if so, how? 

What will our best way to proceed be?


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